Monday, April 2, 2012

Decor: Baby Jonah

it's not always about painting- we love decorating too
we're glad baby jonah's mom asked us to help decorate her little one's room
the key was keeping it simple to start and then she could always add as he grows

well we couldn't resist- we had to add a little something to the walls 
to compliment jonah's dwell studio crib set

Mural: Baby Henry

a little chabby chic little henry's room was filled with earthy tones of teal, browns and warm fabric swatches which compliments the contemporary decor

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mural: Baby Sofia

Whimsical Forest w/Birch Trees & Butterflies

simple and sweet little sofia's room was decorated with modern white and gray birch trees with pink poms and butterfly accents - the soft color palette compliments the wood floors and neutral furniture

Mural: Baby Mason

Baby Forest Owl Theme w/Wishing Tree in Aqua

modern and charming baby mason's room was decorated with a whimsical wishing tree centered
w/a perched owl on a bright blue wall which compliments the dark wood floors and modern baby furniture
the colors were selected from the DWELL STUDIO OWL NURSERY COLLECTION

Mural: Baby Noah

 Baby Forest Owl Theme w/Birch Trees in Gray

what started it all... motherhood manifested some hidden talents within me - i had spent days looking for the perfect wall decal that was sweet enough for baby and modern enough to fit the rest of our home decor and nothing called out to me so i decided one day that i would paint what i had envisioned for the room - so at 7 months pregnant i climbed on a ladder and started painting our sweet noah's room - my hubby and i were pleasantly surprised with the outcome and when friends and family came over they loved the room - a modern forest with white birch trees on a gray background to compliment our owl theme from the SKIP HOP TREETOP FRIENDS bedding 

Nursery Murals